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My partner is currently in litigation on cs and section 7 for a child over the age of 18 and older than their agreement laid out for cs cut off. His lawyer has advised him that while certain education expenses can be disputed, cs is a given and set for a child living at home.

A support payor cannot force the other parent to pay their share of expenses and in most cases what happens between that parent and child is outside enforcement. In my partners case his ex is responsible for 70% of the costs and because she has no money, claims she needs more cs and a higher percentage of costs from him to cover it all. As his lawyer said, kid probably isnt getting anything from that parent but its not his problem as he is only responsible for his portion and cs. Lawyer has reiterated over and over again that it doesnt matter what other case law says, until you get in front of a judge you cant interpret the law how you think it should be.
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