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Agreed, the CRA portion has absolutely nothing to do with me.

What the issue at hand here is, is that her lawyer has inputted the Carrying Charges and Interest for her legal fees into DivorceMate. It has absolutely deducted the amount from her income to be used for the overall calculation of Child Support. This is the question at hand. Is this correct?

So for example let's say we make 50K each. She has $3k of Carrying Charges inputted. My income is now 50K and hers is now 47k which they are saying should be used as the baseline for CS calculation, not $50K each.

Originally Posted by Beachnana View Post
It's got nothing to do with you how
Much she claims in legal fees.

She can claim her legal fees if she receives CS and the legal fees were for
her lawyer to do the work to secure CS

Now usually CRA ask for some proof if it's a large amount so she would have to send a detailed proof of the work which her lawyer would have to provide.

My daughter claimed $7k and CRA asked for the
Actual agreement and the invoices as proof and then they allowed the expense
It does not reduce the persons income it's a reduction in tax payable on your income
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