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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
Should dads want less than an equal relationship and just give up?

Have you ever thought that it's causing children even more stress fighting day and night to deny an equal relationship to the other parent rather than simply trying it out?

Parallel parenting is a wonderful regime that works for many parents.

Disgruntled mothers like you are what' wrong with the system.
1-You're assuming things are 'equal'. If a mom is fighting for 50% only to never see her kids because they're with caregivers on her parenting time, but needs that % because of some overarching belief system when dad would be available to take them on a larger % basis, what's wrong with that? Do parents love their children less when make kid-centered decisions based on these realities?

I have a colleague whose 13 year old just moved in full time into his mother's house because he plays some sort of instrument and the dad lives in an apartment and for an upcoming audition he needed to practice several hours a day. Is this dad less 'equal' because his son has immediate needs that required him to move?

2-I'm just curious - you bring up equality a lot. Are you doing things outside of posting on here that would actually advance equality for women so that they would not need to do things like be SAHMs? Are you writing to your MP for universal daycare or encouraging dads to take parental leave? Are you advocating for equal pay for equal work? Are you living and breathing the equality mantra, working to break down structural barriers, or is it just Family Law specific?