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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
so did the school contact your ex?

What a loser... be glad you're rid of him.

I "mopped up" after my ex for many years after our divorce (business) so I know it isn't any fun. Must be hard to be that sunny, positive parent (with regards to the other parent) through these times. Such a crock aint it?

Your kid was likely humiliated (thanks to good old dad). Nothing you can do about that.

Today is first day of school for kids is it not? I'm surprised that schools allow kids to wear beach-wear at school. Perhaps I'm an old fuddy-duddy though.
We tried that. He doesn't answer his phone so the secretaries just call me from now on. I work from home a lot and live around the corner from the school so it's much easier for everyone. Although he's super quick with the 'veneer' stuff (e.g. only putting himself as a contact person). The secretaries apparently deal with this stuff all the time and have told me they quickly learn who to reach out to in these situations.

Our son has a blast with his dad but he's missing a few screws loose on the responsibility front. Transitions, for example, are really hard because he has chores here at my place and video games and Slurpees at dad's. Last week I sent him a document to review (new school policy on social media) and initial and he wrote back 'You know I don't read these things'.
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