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Originally Posted by Karma2016 View Post
Lol. Thanks.

Yes, i have counsel. Actually, my first lawyer was recommended to me by a family law lawyer who is now a judge. My lawyer was a nice guy and seemed competent, but after speaking with soooooo many more friends in "the biz", I learned he would not be aggressive enough for my needs. As of last week I have a new lawyer, and she is a Spitfire! And costly.

My "Wasband" (that's my name for my ex) and I have not spoken since he left. His lawyer is an incompetent boob, a buddy he went to law school with. Think of the comedian Louie Anderson. This guy came to our wedding. He doesn't do strictly Family Law and it's obvious.

His lawyer is good at verbal diarrhea, and his correspondence is so comical and grammatically incorrect I forward his letters to family and friends so we can all be amused. They plan to drag this matter on for as long as possible, because my Wasband will have a sizeable equalization payment to pay me, as well as spousal support the rest of my life.

In the meantime, I sink in debt. I visit my Loan Shark in the morning, my 83 year old father, who I am already in debt $40,000 to.

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feel for you... particularly when you do your taxes the first time. You do realize that all the SS you receive is taxable.... yeah sure you can write off your lawyers against it but it will sure to fuck you up. Make sure you lawyer factors that into things.

My ex had a few "top" female lawyers ... they were dreadful... terrible courtroom presence. Be sure to watch yours in action (in a courtroom).... you may change your mind. Important thing is how the judges accept the lawyer - everything else (letter-writing) is irrelevant in the end. If the judge hates your lawyer you're doomed.
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