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I'd stand your ground on the March 2016 date.

Your eligibility for CPP shared pension credits may be affected by separation date.
One wouldn't think that would matter to a successful lawyer who commands a good income as he likely isn't going to be relying in any way on CPP when he retires. However, you don't know what your financial circumstances will be when you are 65 (or when you opt to collect CPP).

If you or your ex accumulated/purchased any property prior to date of separation then same is considered to be part of "matrimonial property." Your ex may just want to not have to include his new digs into the equation.

Your separation date may make a difference on your ex's partnership position (or partnership insurance) - something to check out or ask about.

As you go through financial disclosure you will likely be enlightened as to why the separation date is so important to your ex. The fact that he is being so adamant about it would make me stop in my tracks and question things.

Of course, you have retained respectable, experienced legal counsel? Your ex is responsible for the behavior and actions of his lawyer. He likely told the lawyer to be aggressive and intimidate. With this in mind I'd minimize your exposure to opposing counsel. Let your lawyer take care of things. Go have a spa holiday and do something nice for yourself.
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