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Seems pretty obvious to me that March 4, 2016 is your date of separation, as before that date, you had no clue the marriage was ending.

His strategy does appear to be to wear you down, financially and by bullying, until you agree with him. Therefore his preferred date can only be to his benefit, not yours.

That said, however, you can be "right" all you want, but you have to decide if the cost of being "right" is worth the fight and the results. It sounds like he's willing to fight you to the bitter end, even if it means more money going to lawyers than would ever have been given to you.

If you win, you'll get the correct equalization, and he'll have to pay your costs to get there. Does your lawyer think you have a chance, based on your evidence (the emails)?

It's hard to make the decision until you have all three sets of his financials for the three possible dates. Did the judge give him a deadline, or can he keep draining you indefinitely?

Do your research and your own financials and best guesses to his, and get prepared.
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