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As the others say try to focus on the needs of the child. In defense of the child, Could their acting out be a way of saying they are not happy with the present arrangements and by acting out they may be trying to get their needs heard? Just a thought... Another consideration that comes to my mind immediately is, I have a 10 yr old who is really being pulled by my ex to go against what she wants. My position has been all along I am not standing in the way of their relationship all I ask is the trueth from her. Recently it turned out she sad she wanted to go live with Dad I said wel if that is what you want then it can happen. She was very upset by having that happen. As it turned out she came to me and said she only said that she was mad at me. We talked she is still with me but the ground rules have been laid out and she is happy with them too. They being that I will not put up with this being used to punish me or that she can run away from the situation when she wants. Told her too that we will have disagreements and that she will at Dads too esp when she is a teen. But I think you get the drift. The kids can manipulate the situation too. I think this is worthey of a heart to heart among all of you. Sort out what is really going on.