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Default Backdating Date of Separation

Has anyone here been in disagreement with the date of separation? If so, tell me your story.

My ex blindsided me March 4, 2016 and left. He had apparently been planning it for months as he had bought a new house 5 months earlier, had it renovated and purchased all new furnishings before he left me. He schemed behind my back for months yet we carried on our daily lives as before. We were married 23 years.

He is adamant to backdate the date of separation to the previous September (2015). His excuses went from "it coincides with his year end and would make it easier for valuation" to he was a "victim of physical assault 7 months earlier and it was understood we were separated" (total bs).

Obviously he wants to backdate the separation date for financial purposes, but sInce he has yet to disclose all of his information we are unsure what the difference monetarily is. We have had one case conference and the Justice has made endorsements for my ex to provide valuations for both his suggested date of separation, my suggested date, as well as his 2017 year end (he's a lawyer by the way).

Backdating this date is of the utmost importance to him. His lawyer is very nasty and his Affidavits have been full of lies. We may have to have a separate trial just to determine the date of separation and I am so far in debt already I am wondering how long I can last and see it through. My gut feeling tells me he is hiding money and assets, and I need to stick this out.

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