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I don't have much to add other than to say there are many other parenting arrangements other than the typical 2-2-3 which is often-quoted here. My ex and I split our weekends (I get Saturday and he comes and picks our son up on Sunday mornings) and it's awesome! We both get one weekend day of kid time and one day of adult time. If ever any of us needs a full weekend we just ask and I've never said no (and neither has he).

Our current arrangement is Sunday AM to Wednesday drop off him and me from Wednesday drop off to Sunday AM. Our son has ONE transition (transitions are hard for many) and we can both schedule work stuff easily around the days we don't have him (and know well in advance when that is because our days are fixed).

Broken record, but please please listen to this podcast: The New Family / Dr. Robert Emery Archives - The New Family

This is not about you or your Ex. It's about the kids and doing right by them. It may not be 'equal' or 'fair' or be some Game of Thrones fight that LF is advocates, but in the end your kids will benefit knowing you did what was best for THEM.

Also, i applaud you for leaning back for work stuffs. I did the same after my split and it was the best decision ever. Good luck papa!
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