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Default Ontario Superior Court - who schedules the case conference?

My STBX and I have both gone to the MIP. I filed for divorce and she is challenging it (equalization and SS dispute). No kids, no matrimonial home, and the case is with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

My understanding is for those of us with cases in the superior court, that a case conference date is not assigned by a court clerk. I guess the courts want to see if we can work it out among ourselves. That said, opposing counsel has not contacted us and we have not contacted them.

That said, who makes the move to the clerk to request a case conference for next steps? I assume either party...and what if neither party does for a while? I know that a trial date is scheduled < 1 year after the case conference date gets set.

Are there time limits while we're in limbo? (e.g. no case conference set?) Does the application for divorce get terminated after a while forcing me to reapply at some point?
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