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Is your plan realistic with your work responsibilities?
I have you ever actually tried to parent a 2 and 4 year old while you were working? I took a few courses on line when my children were little. It is impossible. If you are getting work done, then that means you are not actually parenting your children, they are amusing themselves in play, and at 2 and 4 expect that to last about 10 minutes before you are interrupted. Or they are stuck in front of a screen. If you are parenting your children, you aren't actually getting any work done. It is one thing to need to do this on a rare occasion, like your child is sick at home, or if your kids are considerably older, but to expect this to be successful with little kids on a routine twice/week basis, sound like wishful thinking or you are planning to use a screen as a babysitter. I am not trying to be harsh, but realistically this is unlikely to be successful.

I too, think it is unrealistic to think that your STBX would agree to never have a weekend with the children from October to December. That is a long time to go without 1 weekend. What if STBX want to visit family or go to an all day event? You cant do that when child is in school. Although you could argue, it is just preschool anyways, so could take child out for 1-2 days isnt that big of deal.
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