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- Reconsider both picking up and dropping off. I believe the person who has the access time picks up the kids.
- perhaps be quite specific in exactly what it is that you have done with your work to make your plan feasible. Is your plan realistic with your work responsibilities? One might ask why you weren't able/willing to do this beforehand (expect to hear from your ex about this)?
- plans to 'someday' move to children's school area are vague unless you have a down payment/proof of a new could change your mind.

LF32 has some good advice (as do others of course).

Your plan included your ex staying home with children until they were both in school. What plans were discussed about your ex returning to work? How easy is this going to be? Does she need upgrading? With an eye to your plan will this get your ex back into the workforce earlier? How does she feel about this?
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