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Originally Posted by Whoknew View Post
The Applicant Father recognizes that the Respondent Mother was the primary caregiver during marriage, and knows that the bond between her and the children is very strong. However, he is a very competent, caring, and active parent who very much believes that the children will benefit from having equal parenting time with him and that it is in their best interests to spend equal time with each of their loving parents.

Do you think that is damaging?
In my opinion it sux and I would make some effort to downplay her contribution. But it might not be worth it for you to spend large $ trying to convince your lawyer to do what a random guy on a forum says. Instead you should focus on racking up some noteworthy experiences with your kids; e.g., taking them to doctor, dentist, go to a parent-teacher interview, etc. See if you can get someone (e.g. your mom) to help you.

To answer your original question, graduated is slower than you want. Making the push for some parenting time now is the correct thing to do.
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