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Originally Posted by denbigh View Post
There will be no child development expert there. So the judge only has two differnt view points to consider, both of which will have their own bias'.
You can ask for the OCL, or hire your own private custody assessment, that will make a recommendation to the courts. These professionals are trained in social work and have studied, researched and been educated in school that children love both parents and would benefit from meaningful relationship with both of them. When there is abuse or neglect, then that it different. Absent of that, 50-50 all the way.

Originally Posted by denbigh View Post
As far as the article, this was comparing children of divorce and amount of access/ conflict. I wonder how similar thoughts would fair in intact families and comparing those with strong relationships with children vs. parent who are checked out and not building strong relationships with children. there are most certainly times when parents are married and live in the same home, yet are still not involved, neglectful and not building strong relationships. Also another point to consider is high conflict within marriage vs high conflict out of marriage. Surely neither is very good for children, but which one is worse? A rock and a hard place for sure.

That's a very good question. There is no perfect marriage, and married parents can and often do argue and fight in front of children, and have arguments about decisions. There is actually case law on this. There is no perfection in married families, so why should the standard of perfection be applied to separated families ?

Hood J. captured the essence of this idea in Fry v. Silkalns, supra. at p. 176: “[Children] do not live in a perfect world when they live with their parents. Why should a perfect world be the test for joint custody?”
The gender bias in the system and the war and hostiles between dads and moms ignited by the system and our "resolution orientated" judged starts out from the Old laws in Canada that would allow men to automatically have custody. Feminists changed this and the law would then rule in favour of women because they stayed home and took care of children while men would work and pay. THis has now changed with both men and women working, but the old judges in the system (many of which are starting to retire (thanks god) have these old biases embedded in their brains as that is how they were raised and what they were raised to believe is normal.

[15] There is no issue that the children’s time with both parents should be maximized as much as possible: see s. 16(10) of the Divorce Act. It is also true that shared custody is becoming increasingly frequent, especially in light of the fact that in today’s world both parents often work and equally share care of the children.
yes sole custody seeking, every other weekend screw job to dad access seeking, and child support seeking moms - keep hammering at shared parenting so you can maximize your control and your monthly paycheques while alienating and denying the child an equal relationship with their caring and loving father who is a gentlemen who you are sweating day in and day out to portray as a criminal because of how much you hate and can't stand him - or can't stand your child spending so much time with him because of how much you hate him.

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