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Judges are nowhere near qualified to comment and decide what is in the best interests of a child in a given family.
that is the scariest part of the whole system. Judges are basing their decisions on law, they are not basing their decisions on their professional expereinces and education on child development and family systems theories, as that is not what they are trained to do. The hope is that the system has build in safe guards from the qualified experts, but I think you have to ask for that to happen? I am about to go to my first court experience and it is all about my affidavit vs, my former partners affidavit, and the judges decision. There will be no child development expert there. So the judge only has two differnt view points to consider, both of which will have their own bias'.

As far as the article, this was comparing children of divorce and amount of access/ conflict. I wonder how similar thoughts would fair in intact families and comparing those with strong relationships with children vs. parent who are checked out and not building strong relationships with children. there are most certainly times when parents are married and live in the same home, yet are still not involved, neglectful and not building strong relationships. Also another point to consider is high conflict within marriage vs high conflict out of marriage. Surely neither is very good for children, but which one is worse? A rock and a hard place for sure.