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Given your incomes, likely none of those expenses are s7. Further, do you pay any of those amounts yourself and not bother asking for reimbursement? Being 50/50, you are likely paying for things here and there.

Originally Posted by anonymous View Post
I understand that you are rolling your eyes over the question due to the incomes we make. As I stated before, I just want to be fair and follow the law. The list I gave was just a tip of the iceburg. I left out the constant hand-outs my ex asks for with respect to:
- $10 for school trips
- $8 for birthday party gifts
- $4 a classroom project
- excursions while on vacation with her
- the list truly goes on and amount is too small for her to ask
Absolutely none of those are s7 expenses. Here is what the law says:

Step 7: Determine if there are special or extraordinary expenses - The Federal Child Support Guidelines: Step-by-Step

Special or extraordinary expenses are:
  • child-care expenses that you may have to pay as a result of a job, an illness, a disability, or educational requirements for employment if your child spends most of the time with you;
  • the portion of your medical and dental insurance premiums that provides coverage for your child;
  • your child’s health-care needs that exceed $100 per year if the cost is not covered by insurance (for example, orthodontics, counselling, medication or eye care);
  • expenses for post-secondary education;
  • extraordinary expenses for your child’s primary education, secondary education or any other educational programs that meet your child’s particular needs; and
  • extraordinary expenses for your child’s extracurricular activities.
An expense for education or extracurricular activities is extraordinary only if:
  • it is more than you can reasonably pay based on your income and the amount of child support you receive; or
  • it is not more than you can reasonably pay, but it is extraordinary when you take into account:
    • your income and the amount of child support you receive;
    • the nature and number of educational programs and extracurricular activities; the overall cost of the educational programs and activities;
    • any special needs and talents of the child; and
    • any other similar factors that are considered relevant.
The notion that excursions during the ex's vacation are s7 is laughable.

If your ex asks for funds for stuff like this, simple reply that they are not s7 expenses and therefore not subject to reimbursement.
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