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Originally Posted by OB1 View Post
The thing is I notice ss will drastically increase if I have both kids. The only way it can stay lower is if she still has the kids living with her. Keep in mind my kids are adults now. 21 and 17
Yes, SS increases because the calculator contemplates CS received by the ex. If she isn't receiving it, and is actually paying it, SS will go up to compensate for the difference.

Now you need to think about, does it go up in amount equal to CS? If it doesn't than you are up. And to further think of it, does SS go up equal to or greater to the CS after factoring in that you can write SS off? And even further still, that the ex should be paying you CS as you will have the kids.

Seriously, I bet you will far further ahead taking the kids and receiving CS, writing off SS and seeing your kids more often.

You can also use CS you should be receiving to offset your SS payment to the ex. Maybe use that as a bargaining tool when negotiating SS.
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