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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Totally naive, in particular regarding Spousal Support:

I financed my ex/our business for many years... decades. (A full partnership in an incorporated business). Upon separation he took off with all the money and left me holding the bag for corporate debt. You had better believe he pays me SS - indefinitely.

The only "improvement" required is in my ex's department. I'm self-sufficient (always have been). SS is the only way I can recoup a small percentage of my losses.


easy answer - don't get married... don't procreate..

be sure to be prepared to look after yourself when you are a old man, all alone, surrounded by your "wealth"

Na´ve? You cannot possibly be serious or you have actually brainwashed yourself into thinking that he actually owes you? He owes you nothing and from what I have read he has not been charged with anything correct? It was a business that went bad and you were left holding the torch, both should have had the same debt and he defiantly should have been charged with fraud by steeling the money…if it was proven.

Do you honestly think you would get one cent if you had the same identical business outcome with a family member, close friend, investor? They would be on the hook to pay you support indefinitely? I would love to see that however one partner can go to dysfunctional family court system and have the other partner pay? Yes the system works very well I tell you!

Need to really think who is na´ve here?? Im not disrespecting you by and means but in any other circumstances in any other courtroom except family law this would be tossed out.
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