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McDreamy, thank you for reply.

I own the Canadian duplex house. Currently we live in different unit. I am Canadian citizen and I sponsor her. No kid. She landed in Dec 20,2015 and in Feb,2016, we argued bitterly over her dangerous driving. After that our crisis started ,up to today. Since then, almost no talk, no communication. She almost never replies my email or text, and warns me not to disturb her. The only time she contacts me is when she needs me do something for her.

After she started verbally abusing me and ordered me not to talk anything except driving, I started recording her abusive language without her knowledge. I believe that I have moral ground for my action, because recording is not related to driving. She ordered me not to talk anything unrelated to driving, so I didn't need to tell her about the recording, right!? So now I have all the recording of her abusive language mentioned above!

I do want to focus on myself and forget her, but I can't do this, because she claims equalization of my property, spousal support , prejudgment interest and costs on me in the Court. I must respond to her claims, otherwise half of my property will be robbed! She hides her income and property, and then claims my property, is this outrageous? That is why I am considering reporting to police!
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