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Thank McDreamy.

Last year,she had only one hour of driving school training and tried driving into busy main street, which scared me almost to death, because she almost hit other cars or person on 5 situations just one week before. I couldn't help shouting at her to stop immediately,and later we argued bitterly. Because of this,she hated me. From that moment, she forbid me talking to her about any subject, except driving. For more than one month, I had to sit in the passenger seat almost every day, so she could legally drive on G1 license. Every time I tried to talk other subject, she just ignored me! When we got home, same happened.She didn't talk one word to me! I tried to please her, she either remained silent or verbally abuse me. I told her that I felt very bad, she replied,"if you feel bad, go to jump the high building"! I said if we can't communicate, I would be suffocated to death," she replied,"this is exactly what I want"! For almost 4 months, she either kept silent,or cursed me verbally!

One night she told me very seriously that she might accuse me for raping her. She fabricated a story saying she could send me to jail. This was really terrifying me! At that time I took her words very seriously. Actually I didn't know her very well . I felt very very scared of this lady. Is this the ground for mental cruelty?

Anyway, Cruelty case has been withdrawn last year. Now it is one year separation case.

As for punishment, her cheatings on Legal Aid application and driver license application are actually frauds. Telling lie almost becomes her habit. I don't know why. Actually originally I hesitated in reporting to police, but one church priest told me that she has a pattern of lying and unfortunately it is true!"God will punish her" is the priest word. Maybe God needs police to act?
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