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Thank Arabian!

I totally understand what you mean.

Last year I have already tried counseling several times, but she refused to go. She refused any form of communication. Actually she forbid me talking to her, warning me not to send text or email to disturb her. She also threatened to report to police for raping accusation! We could not have any form of communication for 5 months. That is why I filed divorce application. I withdrew the case because she agreed on jointed divorce application.

I have tried very hard for out of court settlement. Friends and church priests have helped negotiating agreements for at least 4 times! Originally she accepted the agreement, but in final moment, she broke her words. Now it is her who insists fighting in the court, not me. Our mutual friends try to persuade her to negotiate an agreement, but she refuses. She wants to put me in jail! I want out of Court agreement from the beginning. Now she doesn't want any form of communication, just want fighting in the Court! I am actually in a very stressful situation now!
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