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Arabian: Don't enter into a debate with these guys. When one of them can give birth to another human being they can start singing equality!

It's apples and oranges. You cannot make a blanket statement that in all marriages with children both parents should work in case the marriage fails and one,parent would be on the hook for SS.

When one parent has a job that demands movement every couple,of years - banks, armed forces for example, then the other parent has no,chance of securing a steady career. Oh wait perhaps you should also suggest it's best that anyone in these profession not marry or have children.

Both parents working and children spending more time with caregivers than a parent is destroying the family unit. Perhaps you would prefer we put all newborns into camps and they be raised by the state until they are of working age where they can rejoin their parents and contribute financially.

For Gods sake this is life! You cannot hedge your bets for every outcome. Divorce or death who knows what the future will bring.

Better not go in a car you might have an accident,and your insurance will not be enough to cover your future needs.

Better still get marriage insurance!

You are bitter because you might have to take of your money out of your pocket! Too bad life sucks for you anyway! Maybe you were not,such a great husband!
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