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Originally Posted by Newfie76 View Post

However, today we have the lovely "No Fault Divorce"; brought in first in the great state of California. The one state with the highest number of affairs per capita, as well as breast implants. I can see why they instated it. It changed the rules of marriage completely. For the first time ever, those that want to be deceitful, harmful and corrupt may do so with no penalty, no financial loss and no shame. Easy out. I'll let you guys research the percentage of politicians who have cheated on their spouse. THEN you add in the Feminists. What better way to empower a women than allow her to just get up and walk out of a marriage without any financial loss than to instate "No fault divorce". No commitments ever!! And today, 69% of divorces are initiated by women. Go women!!! "
the definition of Irony: attempting to claim male bias, while referring to breast implants and the empowerment of women in the same paragraph.
if you attack everyone involved, the common denominator is you. Attributed to OL
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