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Ah.... she knows you are a pushover. You start something then she sweet-talks you out of it. You have created your own situation.

Perhaps you like the drama? If this woman is such a disaster why, on earth, do you still communicate with her?

You need to set boundaries and focus on what you want to accomplish. If you want to keep contact with her then divorce court isn't your answer - you need a counselor.

See if you can go for 6 months without any communication whatsoever with her. You are separated now (presumably) so what she does, how she spends her money, if she lies to police, is really none of your concern.

Fortunately you are not tied to each other with children. That is a blessing.

Don't waste police time please. Police are there for real emergencies not silly spats.

Get a lawyer and listen and heed the lawyer's advice. I suspect that until you actually spend some money in this matter that you will just keep going back to her. You say you started a "divorce due to cruelty... but withdrew it" (thankfully because you likely had no evidence).

Please don't waste court time. You want her or you don't want her. Make up your mind please... then pay a lawyer a substantial retainer (you will need to give the lawyer plenty of money up-front as you frequently change your mind.

Good luck.... (counselors are much cheaper than lawyers you know).
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