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Default Repeatedly Cheating Behavior in Divorce

I need advices about how to deal with the repeatedly cheating behavior of my wife. She not only cheated on me,but on different levels of authorities: Driver License Agency, Legal Aid Agency and Court! I am seriously considering reporting to police, but somebody advises me not to do so, because the divorce case is pending in the court. It may have backfire if I do so. I am not sure.

I started a divorce case based on cruelty first time in May last year,but I withdrew the case 4 months later. During the period she applied for legal aid and got it for free. It didn't strike me as odd at that time.

3 months ago I started a new divorce case based on one year separation. Then she used the legal aid to find a lawyer, and then went to Europe for pleasure, visiting 35 European cities in 35 days and spending about $13,000!(I am not sure it is Canadian dollar or Euro).

I just claim for simple divorce this time, because our marriage is very short, only 43 months old,and she has a full time job and an apartment property abroad, but she has never made any contribution to our Canadian household spending. Not one cent! Instead I gave her $5000 during the period . After she returned from Europe touring, she instructed her lawyer to file equalization, spousal support, prejudgement interest and costs claims against me and my Canadian house. So I have the opportunity to read her financial statement.

To my surprise, she doesn't claims her income and property overseas. She claims $0 income and no property for 2015, $3000 income and no property for 2016.This is absolutely a lie. Her salary overseas is about $16,000. Her property value is about $200,000. I have document evidence to prove she is lying to Court!

Because of this cheating, one of my friends reminded me of her Legal Aid application. This proved true later! One of friends,who helped her prepare the legal aid application last year, confirmed to me that she claimed no job, no property in her Legal Aid application. She hid her income and property, cheated Legal Aid Agency, and then flew to Europe for pleasure, living likde a queen. After returned, pressed me for my property and spousal support, while I am still struggling for life!

Her cheating doesn't stop here!

In Feb,2016, she tried to learn driving. She submitted a fake document to authorities claiming that she had about 5 years of driving experience abroad so she got 3 years of driving credit and was eligible to take G2 and G road test right way. But actually she didn't have any driving experience at that time. I offered to train her driving. But she was so careless in driving that in several situations she almost hit other cars and people. One day she ignored my repeated warning and, with only one hour of professional driving training,she insisted in driving into Wyandotte/Walker (quite complex main road intersection in my city). This scared me terribly and we started to argue. After this, she started cursing me,threatening to accuse me of raping her to police, and displaying other mental cruelty behavior! Because of her behavior, I filed first divorce case May last year. But for some reasons, I withdrew it later.

She really puzzles me up to date! She doesn't look like such a person at all! She is an associate professor in a College abroad and talks so nicely. I can guarantee that everybody will like her when you meet her first time. But it is such an lovely lady who has done all those cheatings and display such incredible behaviors!

I have all the evidence to support my claims here. If I report to police, I am sure that she will be prosecuted. But she didn't think that she had done anything wrong,at least 6 months ago. Now she refuses to talk to me.

I feel that such an person needs punishment, so I am considering reporting to police while our divorce case is pending. But somebody said no. Judge in my divorce case would regard my police reporting as a technige to force her into unfavorable settlement to her and the judge may rule against me. Is the true?
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