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Originally Posted by Newfie76 View Post
I disagree....if there was evidence of fraud....your ex would have been prosecuted. Not saying he did not fraud you...I am only saying there must have been no evidence. Prosecution will look at the entire case and decide on moving forward based on evidence, time in court (weeks/months/years), and chances of winning. Of course evidence would almost eliminate the other two.

Family court is not to decide if a spouse is awarded SS based on fraud or not. That's ridiculous. You were provided SS based on a 30 year marriage, your a woman, of which you most likely claimed that you took care of the household while your ex did not. Adding into the fact you were disadvantaged due to the relationship you had within the business. Even better if you claim your disabled and limited in your ability to do some things. cha ching... SS for you my dear. Cash for Life!! The big easy!!

Don't worry too much your indefinite ruling will hold. "until death due us part..." is the only thing the court refuses to remove from a canceled marriage contract.

Its surprising how this country, with its "great" Charter of Rights, thinks its ethical to in-debt a individual to a life time of slavery. And on top of that think its in the best interest of the children....disgusting.

Sorry may think that your ss is payback....but its not. You got what every other woman got in your shoes. A lottery win.
You tell that to the police department who did, in fact, charge him with fraud over 5000 (I did not). Oh there was evidence. Police Department's don't pursue these matters if there isn't any evidence. Attorney General of Alberta's Prosecutor/ decided not to prosecute. That is all. You obviously have no idea of what you are talking about and/or watch too much American television.

SS (which was considered substantial at the time) will not come close to reimbursing me for my losses. I am, and always have been, self-sufficient. Have worked since I was age 16. SS is decided upon an individual basis. I had a private divorce (JDR) and judge was well aware of the fraud. So have subsequent judges been aware of it. 12 different judges have handled my litigation post-divorce.

Ex wiped me out financially and left me holding the bag for corporate debt. Meanwhile he went on to make substantial income. I would never be able to make the income that he has and could generate. My ex made some very big mistakes with his various lawyers. I'm not going to state on this thread what specifically he did incorrectly. What I have done through the years, however, is point things out to many MEN on this forum what NOT to do.

Speculate all you want.... just keep paying your SS to your ex.
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