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Originally Posted by Soiled View Post
Comparing SS and marriage to an employee/employer relationship is simplistic at best. Heck, I think I made a similar argument here in the past, and got schooled... But does anyone look at their employer/employee and state 'till death do us part'?
Simplistic? I've been married to my employer for double that of my ex. As its a "contract"...there is no difference. With every contract there are rules...there are no differences, unless you add love. And love is not in any contract especially during divorce. They are one and the is based on capitalism the other socialism (privatized welfare). Marriage has been pumped by feminism for years as a humanitarian/human rights issue. Remove is a contract. A contract with business, financial responsibilities and rules. No different than a employee and employer. Fact is FACT! History has also proven that when problems are work on at the most basic form and built on from a common foundation....solid solutions are achieved. Feminism turn it into a very complex matter...thus here we are today.

You've got it backward....I'll let you do the research regards to marriage and divorce in Canada. With less and less people tying the knot today....does anyone look at their spouse as til death do us part anymore? More and more people know marriage is poison...the restriction that government placed on it has turned it very toxic to any and every man.

Lobby the government? Fight feminism? Good suggestions on joining a party....Only both the major parties all avoid it as its a public disaster when the media get a hold of it. CAFE is a start and the documentary "The Red Pill" (banned in most countries as it shows feminism for what it is)...just begins to change medias perspective.
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