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Originally Posted by denbigh View Post
A few years after a couple of kids are born we mutually decided I would mostly stay at home to talk care of children, household, and organize our lives and work very little at part time work while he was the main income earner.
"We mutually decided". However, you were 50% of that decision to hold your career. And keep in mind, your ex can NEVER force you to work. He can never make you work and use daycare to handle the kids while you worked. So, really was it a mutual agreement? What could your ex do to make you work if he wanted to. Most men just go with it....because we don't have a choice. "Happy wife Happy Life". ONLY way that it was mutual is if you had a contract going into the marriage and a amendment at the point of your "mutual agreement". Within that amendment it is decided what happens during divorce in respect to SS. There is no way your ex was thinking SS either at the time of your decision. Which would not hold up in any other court other than family court.

YOU made the decision to not work. NOT your husband. Not your husband because he has no authority over what YOU do. Your an independent woman before the marriage in charge of your decisions and your an independent woman within a marriage in charge of your decisions. No one controls what you do. Your husband can not make you work, nor not work. It is always the woman's decision to work or not. Because your independent.

Originally Posted by denbigh View Post
We were supposed to share the fruits of both of our labours until death. Then the end of the marriage.
One of you canceled the marriage contract. You say it yourself, "Then the end of the marriage". End of contract, no more sharing the fruits. You're both independent people. Just because YOU made a bad financial decision during the marriage, your ex must now be a slave to you for life? How is that fair? Its down right unethical!!!

Originally Posted by denbigh View Post
Just because one person is not earning money due to social constructs which devalue child raising does not mean they did not contribute labour to the family unit. That is why SS exists.
Correct. You provided labour raising children, as did your husband earning the money for the household. For the "household". Everything you needed your husband provided. Shelter, Food, Clothing, Car, makeup, etc... Some of this he probably covered/managed while he gave you money to by the rest. You had a joint credit card? You had a credit card? Who paid it? From who's money? Long story short...I am sure you shared the fruits of his labour. The time during the marriage, what was his is yours and yours his, including his salary.

But the marriage contract ended. As a independent woman why should you get SS? Why should you have a slave? George Washington had a slave....helped him make money. Your ex makes you money. For that he now has less than he had in the marriage. And just like a slave he has less incentive to work. So even though YOU decided to quit work in your marriage, you shared the income of your husband. Thus you were COMPENSATED. YOU knew what you would have as compensation when you decided not to work. So now that your on your own....WHY do you think your still entitled to that compensation, when your contract has ended?

Originally Posted by denbigh View Post
I fully expect we should leave as equals financially, just as we did entering marriage decided not to work. And you were compensated during your marriage.

I work. I provide labour. I have a contract with my employer. I think and know I should be getting more pay and strongly believe my direct supervisor is holding me back. Not even my decision to stay back. I'm being forced to stay back. I could earn so much more. Due to a disagreement between I and my employer unrelated; my contract is canceled. Shouldn't I get some sort of support? I gave my employer some of the best years of my life...and now I have no income and must fend for myself. I don't know why I am not entitled to the same support passed out by judges freely in family court. Why is privatized welfare only applied within family court? hmmmm?
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