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I entered into marriage as an equal to my husband, same qualifications and same earning potential. We both work full time. A few years after a couple of kids are born we mutually decided I would mostly stay at home to talk care of children, household, and organize our lives and work very little at part time work while he was the main income earner. We both contributed to the family, he in paid labour and I in unpaid labor. He increased his earning potential and added qualifications enabling him to increase financial earnings. I did not. We were supposed to share the fruits of both of our labours until death. Then the end of the marriage. I fully expect we should leave as equals financially, just as we did entering marriage. SS makes that happen. Just because one person is not earning money due to social constructs which devalue child raising does not mean they did not contribute labour to the family unit. That is why SS exists.

Unfortunatly my husband has the same views as posters above, believes my contribution to family labour is valueless, and also thought this during our marriage, cutting me out of all large financial decisions.
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