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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Totally naive, in particular regarding Spousal Support:

I financed my ex/our business for many years... decades. (A full partnership in an incorporated business). Upon separation he took off with all the money and left me holding the bag for corporate debt. You had better believe he pays me SS - indefinitely.
Only two reasons you got SS in this case: 1) your a women 2) Your judge is corrupt and requires a good one.

You and your ex were married. The income you both earned was shared within your relationship. period. One partner can burn the entire bank account, if both spouses have access, and both are on the hook for it. SS is not designed as a means to repay funds. If so, its possible for one spouse to then tell the other to empty the account and later say they knew nothing of it during divorce. Great way to set yourself up for life.

You and your ex were business partners. And as business partners were required to have agreements in place on the management of you company's finances and day to day activities. More important your individual roles. And as with any business where one partner steals from the company....there is a procedure to handle such activity....Criminal Law. Not family law.

Shameful to force a man into slavery, without a trial reviewing the crimes. Typical of a judge thinking they know all. Family court is no place for criminal justice. If your ex was truly at fault and skimmed all your money from the company....he should be doing time. Not working as a slave for you.

Ethically...what you're doing is a crime. You may tell yourself your getting repaid...but the judge must likely just said, " man must pay woman...period".

There is NO reason for the existence of SS.

Your case should have gone to another court. Did your judge happen to go to Harvard?
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