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Originally Posted by anonymous View Post
I have searched the forum for a similar case and couldn't find anything.

I have 50-50 custody of my D9. I pay off-set child support of $1,140/month. My portion of Section 7 is 63%. I have read the guidelines and understand the "means and needs" etc.... But I would like an opinion on my situation as the law is very grey and it depends on the situation. Our separation agreement does not list any particulars with respect to Section 7 because our daughter was only 5 at the time.

My ex gives me "bills" for the following:

1 - school pizza days and milk orders

2- recreational gymnastics ($300/4 month session)

3 - skiing lessons ($230/8 week session)

4 - recreational dance (approx $800/10 month session... including costume)

5 - running shoes for "track", soccer, & gym ($200)

6 - summer soccer ($250)

What I listed above equals $1,780 for the year (Child support = $13,680/year) Are any of these actually Section 7 or should they be coming out my off-set support payment?

While I would be inclined to say they should be included in CS, the fact you have 50-50 leads me to believe they should be split. If you paid full CS then you would have a better argument for it being included. In your case the households are intended to be equal, this the offset CS. S7 is a grey area but even more so when 50-50 comes into play. If anything I would suggest that due to the 50-50 arrangement that these items are split 50-50 because they are not extraordinary given the income level of both parents and CS being paid

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