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Thanks Rockscan,

My Income - $205k
Her Income - $130k + $13,680 CS

Prior to separation, our daughter was only 5. She was in swimming and gymnastics. I am absolutely not disagreeing to the activities. Throughout the year she is in one activity at a time with a little bit of overlap with dance. The fact that I sometimes take her on my ex's days actually doesn't bother me. It means we get even more that 50% time together.

She does provide me with copies of the receipts. There is no question about the amount.

The reason I am writing now is because D9 is not currently signed up for anything. Activities start when school starts. I figured this is the time to correct it. I have come out of a 4-year period of completely overpaying for things and she still comes back with wanting more. I don't want to deprive my daughter of anything, however, I am tired of being taken advantage of.

With respect to court, she won't go there... she can't afford it. At her salary,
coming out of the marriage with $200k in cash, only 4 years later, she is well over $30k in debt (that I know of) with nothing to show for it.

I just want to be fair and follow the law. Just because "I can afford it" shouldn't be the issue. I am saving for all of her future education costs because I know her mom won't have the money, even though our agreement says she has to pay her portion of post-secondary. Do I pay for things now that I shouldn't and then take ex to court for education costs? OR do I say no now and apply that money to her education fund?
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