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Originally Posted by ifonlyihadknown View Post
Given that approximately 41% of marriages end in divorce, the disaster that is known as family law should have a much higher priority in this country. However, trying to reform it would be a hot potato, politically, and I doubt any of our politicians will take this on. Nothing to gain, and plenty to loose.

If everyone who wanted to get married had to hear what happens in the 41% of marriages that don't work out, you'd have almost no marriages. It's like playing Russian Roulette with 3 bullets in the revolver.

What scares me are the rules around Common Law marriages. They apply without your knowledge and can have dire consequences.
I agree with you, ifonlyihadknown. But I think it's weird that I cannot even find a fringe party (one with less to lose) that would take a stab at reforming family law. There is no debate PERIOD.

Maybe it's because the group discriminated against is more of a minority than we think. Yes, about 41% of marriages end in divorce, but almost only the men get screwed so half the population is cool with it, some men don't get married, reduces the percentage of people affected further, some women do not exploit their exes to the max extent of the law, some men are bums with no money to take. The discriminated minority is (1) men, (2) with money, (3) divorcing, whose exes are (5) greedy, and (6) have the money/means to take them to court.

I think there's a lack of awareness around these issues. People do not know that after a certain income level, child support basically becomes spousal support by another, intentionally-deceptive name.

I remember a long time ago in grade 8 a guy in a wheelchair came in to my guidance class and talked about how he got drunk and explored a construction site, then he wound up in a wheelchair. It's almost as if today's guidance class should have a separate session for boys where a divorced guy comes in and talks about how badly he got screwed by the courts.
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