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In the end, it's not that I don't want the counselor to be heard, I don't want to undermine our daughter's relationship with their counselor, and where OP won't consent to releasing CAS records etc, I think there needs to be a much much more complete context given to the court if this is going to go forward to make a decision that will affect our daughter's future, and where, presently, OP has it that it is their word alone that would be responsible for making it happen.
I think it is entirely understandable that if the counsellor is reporting on what child says in counselling it would seriously undermine the childs trust in the counsellor, unless the child knew and consented. Isn't that is what a voice of childrens report is for? I am not sure what OCL is, but I thought it was like a voice of children report, To have a third party express the child's point of view? Or could you have a third party counsellor interview the child and do that?

I am confused why a parent would have to consent to having CAS (is that the child welfare people?) records released. If a parent is behaving in a way detriment to the child, it seems likely the parent would never consent, yet that is very important information for a court to know, I assumed they could say things to a court without consent.
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