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I don't know that there is much choice.

CAS is involved with our family. Over a period of seven months we worked "voluntarily" with them to stabilize our family routine and it was working.

As it advanced, OP began throwing up roadblock after roadblock, finally refusing to follow their recommendations and finally undermining the entire process completely and filing for sole custody with an incredible reduction in time spent together.

Her motion actually reads "access to reflect the wishes of the children".

We had noticed her involvement in all of our daughters counselling session where she had, for years, been completely uninvolved. She also started petitioning, in recent weeks, friends and family members for letters reporting one what our daughters had expressed to them.

In particular one of her parents had approached me stating that they had a conversation with our children where, our children had, at the suggestion of OP, made specific statements which the parent had felt were rehearsed. OP then requested a letter. Not only was the letter not provided, they were so concerned about the nature of this and other events that they themselves approached the CAS worker.

Our daughters are slowly but surely being isolated from their family. OP is estranged from her brother, so our children have NEVER met their cousins and no longer see their only uncle. They are now again limited in seeing grandparents (for the third time...two years in the past).

OP is now looking to rip into our relationship. Again.

So the way I see it I have a choice: I can engage in a full fledged custody battle and let fly with everything I know (not believe but know) or provide a forum for everybody else to be heard.

In the end, it's not that I don't want the counselor to be heard, I don't want to undermine our daughter's relationship with their counselor, and where OP won't consent to releasing CAS records etc, I think there needs to be a much much more complete context given to the court if this is going to go forward to make a decision that will affect our daughter's future, and where, presently, OP has it that it is their word alone that would be responsible for making it happen.

To be clear, our time together is, by and large, exceptional, cutting it by two thirds is absurd.

Finally, OP refused to attend mediation of any type, although provisions for such were laid out in our divorce agreement. Something she will have to answer for if she continues forward.

In the end, I don't want to fight, she won't talk, our daughters were suffering and I don't want to focus on the conflict, I want to focus on our daughters.
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