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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
50-50 access schedules are near impossible to "alienate" (gack) a child on. In fact, they are one of the tools often recommended for reducing parental stupidity and strategic alignment of a child to one parent's views/opinions.
I couldn't agree more. 50/50 solves so much of these issues.

... I have come to see that the problem is systemic in nature; that is, the problem lies primarily in the adversarial nature of legal determination of parenting after divorce.
...A legal presumption of co-parenting, rebuttable in established cases of child abuse and family violence, may in fact be the most effective means of combating parental alienation and curtailing its damaging consequences, while at the same time protecting the safety and well-being of children at risk of abuse.
I'm also curious about any material changes that might warrant the increase in access (because you just had some week on/week off and it went well?). How long have you been EOW?
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