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Default Request for children's counselor to report.

OP has filed for sole custody. (We presently ..and for 8 years...have been 50/50)

I have responded with a request for OCL as things are extremely complicated. She is doing everything she can to avoid the OCL and the possibility of an 'interests of the child' assessment

OP position is that the principle matter should be their wishes alone and wants our daughters counselor to report on the wishes of our daughters (D10 and D13) to determine the best go forward schedule.

There is signifcant concern about the incosistencies in both behaviour and what is expressed byour daughters when with her mom (as expressed by myself, CAS and OP's own family). And an assessment would serve to shed light on that nd a number of other concerns.

My question, though, is primarily procedural:

I do not want our daughters role of autonomous support to be undermined by 'reporting' what our daughters say. It is a piece of information though (even if influenced)

Is it accurate that, as part of any process undertaken by the OCL, information may be obtained from their counsellor in such a manner where the integrity of the relationship between the children and the counselor can be maintined?

I would like that to be part of my response, but I'm not sure if it is accurate.
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