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Default 5-5-2-2 vs. week about for 8 year old

which works better for a 8 year old?

If I am asking for 5-5-2-2 (defining the days) and stating, or in the further alternative, does that imply a different combination of days or that week about is also possible ?

To the OCL I have also asked for 5-5-2-2 verbally but also put week about as an option in the forms.

Having had week about arrangement this summer, I found child had time to be deprogrammed and adapt. With 5-5-2-2, just wondering if there wouldn't be enough time for child to be deprogrammed, adapt, and settle in.

Any thoughts? I was originally asking for every other weekend utter-nonsense but I have emended to 5-5-2-2. Do I need to further amend for week about alternative and advise OCL of same ? Or does the "or in the further alternative part imply other shared parenting schedules could work"

What is likeliness of OCL suggesting week about when you are only asking for 5-5-2-2?

Current arrangement is every other weekend and mid-week visit utter-nonsense.
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