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tunnelight has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Shes trying to either prove shes awesome to the ocl (look I send his parents flowers)

Not a hill to die on. Move along and focus.
That's exactly it. OCL starts investigating and all of a sudden other parent starts speaking to me at the exchanges and sending flowers .. such a dress up, if it isn't a dress up then why did it no occur any of the previous years and only when the OCL is investigating ? I guess it can't be too different than her taking donuts to the counselor, or what ever else she may be taking to the OCL rep in attempts to bribe her too.

Not to worried about this as I know it will stop as soon as the court proceedings are finished, but just wondering if I should tell the child hey your mom brought these for grandparents. would it hurt for me to say that to the child ? What could happen if I didn't and mom asked child about flowers? I'm just trying to avoid child thinking any bad of me if I didn't take the opportunity to talk good about mom by saying hey your mom sent these beautiful flowers!
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