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Default This system needs work!!

Iíve been reading lots on this forum and have pretty much come to one conclusion; family law is a complete joke and the government needs to stay out of couples lives. I have now finished my divorce and the only people making money obviously is the lawyers and thatís it. Iím going to go on a bit of a rant as we move forward and like it or not I think itís something that drastically needs change.

1. Married or common-law should be the same, NO laws should be brought in unless children are involved.

2. Spousal support should NEVER be awarded to either parties, man or woman. After marriage/common-law, the law states that if one individual makes one hundred thousand a year and the other twenty thousand the total between both parties are roughly split? This is a complete joke because that is what you are worth going into a relationship, and what you are worth coming out, thatís all youíre worth! No matter what circumstance going on in the relationship period that the monies should be split between a couple. You can better yourself with education OR change or carrier even if children are involved, period! Too many people are crying foul and need to pull the head out thinking your spouse owes you! They owe you nothing, you owe yourself as we have ample resources to start or improve yourself weather kids or other circumstances are involved. As a ďcoupleĒ you need to work together to better each other without crying your spouse owes you! If you decide to stay home after marriage and do nothing then thatís what you are worth, nothing! With children or not as this is your decision as unfortunately options are available!

3. Child support should be fixed at a reasonable rate per child to assist with necessities, NO support shall be paid in 50/50 custody, these are children and we only want whatís best for them. Children should not come with a price tag pending what the parentís income for support. Every child that have a dead beat parent who will not pay, the government needs to step in and pay and have the government use what is required to get the money back from the payer. Child support shall be paid pending on your income to keep consistency when required.

4. Pension, retirement investment, individual investments stays with the individual, NOT split.

5. NO joint financial endeavors shall be permitted without mutual documentation (No joint bank accounts either IMO). A house will start at 50/50 and be altered accordingly to oneís income, might be a 60-40 split or what works. If one individual purchases a property to reside then that party owns 100%, no splitting or payments shall be made to the other party. Other arrangements can be made at a later date but needs to be documented and signed.

6. With the birth of a child BOTH parents split the maternity time 50/50 for a minimum of 2 years. Government should supply daycare for children over the age of 2 to allow both parents to work. Children need equality with both parents regardless!

Sorry for the rant as society needs to worry about supporting themselves and not looking for handouts. Children need equality also.
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