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Default is it weird for your parents to receive flowers from your ex

with the other parent having filed affidavits that my parents and I are disparaging her to the child, and with me living with my parents, is it normal for the other parent to send flowers to my parents for their birthdays ? The other parent doesn't support equal relationship with child and I, and has been alienating me to the child. This would be the first time she has done this (sending flowers to my parents) since separation. Only thing different is that OCL is investigating.

Is it a way of the other parent still trying to keep some sort of a connection with me ? I.e., stalking or harassing me through my parents of some sort ? Sort of like, my ex and I broke up but I still have love for him so I'm going to send his parents flowers for their birthdays and I'm sure my ex will learn about it. Or perhaps, a way to try and get under my skin ? Or just a dressed-up act of kindness in the middle of an OCL investigation ?

Looking for some input from the relationship and manipulation experts.
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