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Default daily phone calls during summer access?

The other parent in my case has a history of telling child she will miss her when child is visiting with me and exacerbating these concerns as opposed to alleviating them.

now on my summer week, has asked child to call mom daily, child asks and I accommodate but it is sort of annoying during my summer week where it is supposed to me just me and child, no mom and no ex. our time together. what is best way to say no to your child and communicate that it is our time time to together and you will see mom at the end of the week ? These are no quick phone calls, mom gets on and will talk and talk and talk with child just chewing up through my limited parenting times. daily calls are a bit much, IMO. I am however always facilitating phone calls with other parent when child wants to talk but on my summer holidays, it's becoming a bit of a nuisance.

any tips and words of wisdom ? OCL is investigating and other parent has made allegations that I don't allow child to call the other parent, which is presently just a bag of baloney.
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