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Default ocl 2 hour meeting was only an hour?


At my first OCL meeting, it was communicated the next meeting would be for 2 hours. But it was only for one hour. So I did not get to go through all the issues. Banged off some of the main ones and didn't want to make a strink about the OCL liying to me about the time of the meeting so I checked with my lawyer and just sent a lawyer with some of the items I didn't get to discuss. As in, there are some items that came to mind after our meeting and here they are. The majority of the time was spend talking about my history and the relationship history and maybe 15 minutes left to talk about all the issues

So I have sent the email outlining some of the things, and been advised by my lawyer that the other things I could raise at the in house visit, so that I am not sending her a super long email with many issues.

What happens during the in house visit? How long is it ? Can you talk with the OCL in private about things you didn't get a chance to talk about ? Shouldn't take me any more than 5 minutes.

I've also (Advise of my lawyer) left the OCL with notes of the issues and all the great things I have done and been trying to do to reduce conflict, and some relevant communication exchanges between the other parent, and I, and with the teachers concerning the best interests of our child.
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