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It has been almost a year since I went to court and had an interim order put in place to get child support from my ex, judge ordered child support based on minimum wage at the time, hopefully they raise it to $15 bux an hour soon lol. Anyhow he also ordered she forward all the proper paperwork to me and the courts by a certain date last year, she never did of course. So she pays a pitiful amount of $181 a month and she is way behind on it, via the family maintenance enforcement program.
I lose a lot of money to have to take a day off to go to court and I was wondering if it is worth it to go back and if I do get a date set, do I have to serve the ex again in this case or can I go back asking the judge somehow to enforce the court order somehow? Am I out of luck and she knows how to play the system? I have no way of proving her income, what is the judge going to do about me going back to complain that she has not abided by the order, and do I have to serve her papers if that is why I am going back....seems like this would be a waste of time....she pays a little fine that is probably half of what I would lose in pay going to court.

Not sure what is the best course of action to take, and if there is a simple way to just say she has not followed the basic simple court order instruction.

I was going to just get another court date after serving her the same papers as last time...doing the exact same thing and then waiting about 35 days and getting a court date when she does not respond, then when I am in front of the judge give him the scoop...I dunno if there is a different way to go at it to get a court date...I figured repeat what I did last time and hope the judge decides to do something about it...this time I would put the texts I received from the ex stating her approx income as I guess affidavits to push the issue for more money...if it would help, I am sure if he didn't care about those last time he won't now in the attached affidavit....

Also in my sittings in court I have seen many times where a person has not provided proper financial information for many years, most I heard was 8. Does a judge consider the fact that the child is young and this particular situation of providing financial information in relation to proper child support is pretty time sensitive, back pay 3 years from now is not going to help over the next few years as she play games. Sorry for rambling on and on, so many issues and questions for something so simple...provide financial should be automatic that she be fined $500 for every month she is late on the initial order so I do not waste important court time....

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