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Originally Posted by Berner_Faith View Post
Please tell me how Ange's ex stepped up to the plate?
1. Asked for an equal relationship (huge first step)
2. Moved closer to the kids school (rearranging his life for the kids)
3. Shall I go on?

Please tell me how you know what his motives were?
Please tell me how you do?

Please tell me how you know he actually wanted a 50-50 relationship because he felt it was in the kids best interest?
Tell me how you know he "doesn't" want an equal relationship for 100% sure. You go first.

You know zero about Ange or her Ex yet you have formed the opinion that she bullied him out of 50-50. Preach LF, preach
Are you and Ange close in real life? How do you "know" you're right? I'm just going on what's written.

Both you and Angie enjoy using the word bully .. please note that I haven't said that here. What I said was he was avoiding big court war. He asked...she said no. That's a fact and in her first thread.
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