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Default Sole vs joint

Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
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And you say I twist words? I've never said "all" dads want 50/50 and I restate over and over again that it's not for everybody.

I'm sure there are a few outliers that have ulterior motives

It would depend on the history and the details of the case.

Some of you need to give your head a shake and realize we're both right. Some parents do it for money, etc .. and some actually want it. You can pretend Angie's your bestie and you know her case very well, but we can simply go on the details presented. The details suggests an annoying mate but a great dad who did everything in his power to see his kids more. You think you know her ex, his personality and his motives just based on her biased posts?

If a good parent (who's already in the kids lives quite often), is making moves to show they're serious (moving closer to the school, etc), paying all past financial dues, etc ..... why say "NO" to equal parenting when they ask?

Sometimes you need to give people the benefit of the doubt and get out of grumpy odf mode. Some ppl actually love their kids and want to see them more. Believe it or not its not always about money. I find it ludicrous that some posters refuse to allow that he might have actually wanted to be more involved.

I wonder if my ex felt my blitz e-mails (that you guys helped me create) were harassing. She was trying to call all the shots regarding everything and I needed answers .. so yes she had to respond .. and yes Angie did also .. this doesn't make him (or me) a bad father.

You can call it preaching if you want .. but my stance is that if a parent steps up to the plate (mom or dad), let them step up to the plate if there are no huge repercussions or harm for the kids. Money is important in life, everyone thinks about it .. but dont confuse that for innate love one has for their children please. Neither of us should pretend to know her exact case IMO.[/QUOTE]

Please tell me how Ange's ex stepped up to the plate? Please tell me how you know what his motives were? Please tell me how you know he actually wanted a 50-50 relationship because he felt it was in the kids best interest? You know zero about Ange or her Ex yet you have formed the opinion that she bullied him out of 50-50. Preach LF, preach

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