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LF... I wish you would understand not everyone is you. Not everyone truly wants a 50-50 arrangements with their kids. To some it IS all about money.

My cousin separated from her husband two years ago. They have two kids. Right off the bat he requested 50-50, GREAT! But as soon as Mom agreed he started back tracking. He didn't want a true 50-50 schedule, he wanted to pick and choose his days BUT requested 50-50 on paper.. hmm I wonder why that was? Anyways, they ended up in court over the house, back taxes he owed and a few other financial things. The judge asked about CS... well it turns out if he had 50-50 CS would basically be a wash... Mom didn't care she just wanted this all over with. They got their court order and he was given his 50-50 on paper. No shocker to anyone, but since that last court date back in February he has no once taken all his parenting time. He takes the kids EOW and occasionally a night during the week but it's certainly not the Wed/Thur and EOW that he requested through the court. This was 100% about money to him. Nothing in their court proceedings were about child access or custody. But he did get out of paying $1300 a month in CS by having 50-50 on paper.

You can preach about all dads wanting 50-50 and it being the default all you want but the reality is, it's not always them wanting it because they just want to be equal parents. Had mom fought his 50-50 request she would have won given the ages of the children. Even now she could take him back to court as she has text messages each week of him saying he isn't picking them up.

I'm sure if my cousin came here and said she didn't want to accepted 50-50 because Dad wasn't truly wanting it for an equal relationship you would be spewing the same stuff as you are to Ange but you are wrong. To him and clearly to Angie's ex it WAS about money. Again, not everyone is YOU, not everyone wants an equal relationship.

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