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I am pleased to read that you are close to settlement. Congratulations!

LF32 - perhaps in the future the father will come to realize that his work hours need to be modified so he can increase his hours with his children. Sounds to me like the decision is his and his alone to make. He was unwilling to be flexible. One would think that someone who has worked for an employer for a lengthy time could alter work schedule?

I think the father got what he was seeking - paying less money. Money talks. Admirable that the mother let him off the hook for so much but then one has to make sacrifices to end litigation.

IF the father was sincere in his desire to spend more time with his children he could start by being civil and, secondly, alter his work hours. Who knows... maybe he will come around and prove that he is sincere in wanting to spend more time with his children. I don't think it would be too difficult to prove this.
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