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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
No horses were harmed during these posts(I love horses .. used to live on a farm).

Id have to go back through her first thread but I understood it as he was asking for equal time but she said no to it and outlined her reasonoing very early on. I believe many posters even told her to call his bluff with him wanting 50/50. But it was a flat out no.

All Im saying is more parents should give it a go before the court wars thing.

Ange seems like shes doing well now and things are starting to settle. Thats great news ... high conflict court stuff is a drag.

The only thing I disagree with is her denying equal access to an equal relationship when she started her first thread .. then coming on now burning him for not wanting 50/50. Lol

LF, just so you are up to speed, when push came to shove he didn't really want 50/50 in the end. Yes he may have spouted off that he was looking for an equal relationship in the beginning but when it got down to actual offers, he didn't want his kids half time because it conflicts with his work schedule. I agreed to just about everything he wanted and took a huge hit in child support. It has just come down to negotiating the summer arrangements now. He was offered week on week off and declined. He wants 3 weeks. Every offer has stated this and that's what he can have. It's just a matter of arranging it around his complicated work schedule.

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